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Username: Trooper
Ricecop Account Number: 1
Status: Administrator
Location: Rochester, NY
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Comments Posted: 8
Plates Posted: 886

Last 10 comments by Trooper

Comment for plate MK IV 5-02-2003 @ 07:09:10 PM
Posted By: Trooper  
OMG! Comments on plates!

Comment for plate COP TZR 2-03-2003 @ 09:05:14 PM
Posted By: Trooper  
You can click the thing at the bottom but it's between 50-100 a day give or take. I think it's worth keeping around.

Comment for plate MC E BLT2 12-23-2002 @ 03:15:53 PM
Posted By: Trooper  
More pics of this thing can be found here:

Comment for plate DARIEN19 11-12-2002 @ 12:29:20 AM
Posted By: Trooper  
I got this one at a red light. The guy was driving like a maniac. Apparently he isn't aware of the fact that the main road isn't a race track and his car isn't a race car.

Comment for plate ARNIE 1 10-26-2002 @ 06:02:24 PM
Posted By: Trooper  
Sorry about the picture quality. I took this one as I was driving by at about 40mph. Just take my word for it, the plate is ARNIE 1 :)

Comment for plate PUPPET 3 10-21-2002 @ 12:30:14 AM
Posted By: Trooper  
I figured if people had anything to add they could just add it in the first comment for the plate.

Comment for plate RV03V0M 10-17-2002 @ 06:15:52 PM
Posted By: Trooper  

Comment for plate RV03V0M 10-16-2002 @ 11:58:03 PM
Posted By: Trooper  
Took me a minute to figure out this one is read backwards :)

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