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Username: Jumex
Ricecop Account Number: 3954
Status: Regular User
Real Name: Jessie Jumex
Location: Kentwood
Car you drive: Toyota Tercell
Favorite Link:
Comments Posted: 14
Plates Posted: 1
Other info: Somewhere swimming in the bottom of a cold can of Jumex Guava Nectar I
can be found.

Last 10 comments by Jumex

Comment for plate 4 PLAY 7-10-2003 @ 10:08:28 AM
Posted By: Jumex  
Now heres a tag. I wonder how many times this one has been married and divorced ? It appears the technique is paying the bills and then some !

Comment for plate 2BIZZY 7-10-2003 @ 10:07:16 AM
Posted By: Jumex  
Maybe they should have considered 2 Dizzy or 2 Blonde

Comment for plate 1FAST TT 7-10-2003 @ 10:06:26 AM
Posted By: Jumex  
What ? This guy can do number 1 so fast he brags about it on his tag?

Comment for plate TOO-LOW 7-10-2003 @ 10:04:40 AM
Posted By: Jumex  
Here is another one of those pictures. Remember the paintings and posters you can stare at and if you stare long enough without blinking some kind of image appears. Look at this tag, stare at it without blinking. Soon a one tooth dragon will appear. It will freak you out !

Comment for plate Y2K VETT 7-09-2003 @ 10:01:21 PM
Posted By: Jumex  
Was this one of those shock and fear tactics used by many when the year 2000 approached. Be sure to pack your bags, buy batteries, and o make sure you take all your animals especially the family dog to the VET !! Running a special on de-worming and distemper shots !!

Comment for plate V8 HGRY 7-09-2003 @ 09:59:06 PM
Posted By: Jumex  
If this guy is so hungry for a V8, why buy a car with a 4 cylinder and then put on the license plate about a V8 ? O man, I just dont undertand the "WORLD OF RICE MENTALITY"

Comment for plate BURNOUT 7-09-2003 @ 09:56:28 PM
Posted By: Jumex  
I understand people have bad habits, and sometimes people get carried away and go down the wrong path. But dont you think "HIPPY" would have been better or maybe "Reefer" ? Burnout is just so crude and negative.

Comment for plate APR TT 7-09-2003 @ 09:53:45 PM
Posted By: Jumex  
Im convinced this is some sort of code. Look at all the misplaced letters. There everywhere all over the car and license. Who would spend their time or money to trash a car with all this ? There must be something going on.

Comment for plate RDSTTER 7-09-2003 @ 09:51:57 PM
Posted By: Jumex  
Have you ever seen those weird trippy poster and paintings that you are supposed to stare at without blinking. Then after a while you see some crazy image that was not there. Well stare at this license plate. In a few minutes the word ROOSTER will appear .. Cook-a-doodle- doo !

Comment for plate II COOL 7-09-2003 @ 09:49:14 PM
Posted By: Jumex  
O Please in that old junk corvetter !!?? I might understand it, if the guy had Alaska plates but downsouth ? How about 2 HUMID, or II Cajun

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