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Username: IM21ders
Ricecop Account Number: 7014
Status: Regular User
Real Name: Jonathan Johnson
Location: West Linn
Car you drive: 94 Honda Civic EX
Comments Posted: 3
Plates Posted: 0

Last 10 comments by IM21ders

Comment for plate TIMMAY 7-23-2007 @ 01:24:44 PM
Posted By: IM21ders  
That's just funny.

Comment for plate BIGR N U 7-23-2007 @ 01:22:59 PM
Posted By: IM21ders  
He probably needs that winch to hook onto another vehicle so he can actually move.

Comment for plate MMMMPI 7-23-2007 @ 01:20:21 PM
Posted By: IM21ders  
Now there is a true math nerd.

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