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Username: 8ate8
Ricecop Account Number: 31
Status: Moderator
Real Name: Jim
Location: Jersey
Car you drive: 96 Thunderbird
Favorite Link:
Comments Posted: 12
Plates Posted: 7

Last 10 comments by 8ate8

Comment for plate MMMMPI 8-01-2007 @ 11:29:23 PM
Posted By: 8ate8  
Too bad they didn't make a BMW 314i

Comment for plate MANLOV 10-07-2004 @ 09:34:20 PM
Posted By: 8ate8  
btw, yes there were two guys in this minivan

Comment for plate THXUDAD 10-07-2004 @ 09:33:38 PM
Posted By: 8ate8  


Comment for plate FLYNLOW 1-23-2004 @ 10:36:21 PM
Posted By: 8ate8  
that's a delaware plate, troop.

Comment for plate COP TZR 2-03-2003 @ 08:24:07 PM
Posted By: 8ate8  
damnit i was just bout to upload this, too.. hey troop? i think plates is dead.. what's the hits at for this section?

Comment for plate SC YA 12-22-2002 @ 01:09:13 AM
Posted By: 8ate8  
woohoo.. there's a ton of plates on sc's that say this

Comment for plate ARNIE 1 10-27-2002 @ 12:35:07 PM
Posted By: 8ate8  
that's a worse shot then my MOVEOVER Civic :)

Comment for plate U69 CUM 10-24-2002 @ 07:19:43 PM
Posted By: 8ate8  
well, it's not a personalized plate, but still pretty funny :)

Comment for plate V8 SLAYR 10-22-2002 @ 12:33:49 AM
Posted By: 8ate8  
probably just the generic v8 mustang and camaro.. then again, that doesn't take much. :)

Comment for plate PUPPET 3 10-21-2002 @ 08:32:10 AM
Posted By: 8ate8  
ok, then how bout a better way to view all plates.. cuz i forgot which one i commented on and i had to manually change the number to find it.

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